Interested In Becoming a Mason?

Interested in becoming a Mason? Here's how...

2 B 1, Ask 1 (To be one, ask one)

What does "2 B 1, Ask 1" mean?  It means that Masons don't invite others to join.  Instead, a man must show his desire to become a better man by asking to join.  The man is then provided with a petition which is read by the lodge and voted on by the members.  It costs $120 to join Catoosa Lodge (fees may vary by lodge); $40 is due with the petition and then $40 at each of the first 2 degrees.  Annual dues are $48.  Perpetual memberships are $720.

Please use the links on the left to see our hours and how to contact us.  Walk-ins are welcome.  If you'd like to join, just show up on a Thursday evening between 6 and 7:30 and let us know you like to learn more and to join!